Turning an email promo flop into a win.

One of our Inner Circle members had a disappointing result from an email campaign. She got a few sales, but nobody took advantage of her promotion.

It reminded me that while we’re head’s down, building our Brands, and trying to establish our reputations., our audience is mostly interested in products that fill their needs. And they want to buy when it works for them, with as few barriers as possible.

So while it can be deflating to be ignored, it can actually be a good thing sometimes.

Watch and see why I know this, and how you can turn it to your advantage and make the best choices for your business.

One thought on “Turning an email promo flop into a win.

  1. Starlene Stewart Reply

    This has happened to me and I have wondered why as well. I wonder if the person just didn’t see the discount code or maybe they didn’t care about using it. But that is really good news to think the bottom line is to get my product in front of them and keep testing to see what works!

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