The Fastest Way to increase your Average Order Value

In our Reliable Revenue program, we focus on improving the metrics we can control, and average order value (AOV) is a big one.

Think about it for a minute. Say your average order value is $40. And you get 500 orders each month. If you can increase your average order value to $42, you can increase your sales by $1000 each month without having to find any new customers.

One of our reliable Revenue Members, Kristina, asked a great question in my Office hours session last week.

Watch and See:

  • What she’s tried and what didn’t work
  • The secret to getting more people to take the offer (hint: it’s about the product)
  • Ways we can use in-cart upsells to sell products that don’t need inventory

One thought on “The Fastest Way to increase your Average Order Value

  1. Joanne Litz Reply

    This is a great lesson Susan. I have started offering Mesh washing bags and people are starting to go for that. I think it costs me .49 and I upsell them for $1.99

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