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We currently use these Apps and Programs. 


Shopify is the platform we use to create online stores (this one included!).

We are a HUGE fans.


Shopify is easy to edit and load. Great customer support! An amazing App Store. Shopify Payments. The most integrations.

The best thing? They understand where eCommerce is headed. They are proactively integrating the platform with Social Media and Amazon. Shopify users have a competitive edge.

A 14 day Free Trial.

More  than 175,000 people are using Shopify to run their eCommerce stores right now!

For more information and to purchase/try  Shopify click here.


Creating beautiful graphics to promote your products can be costly to outsource or time consuming and frustrating to do yourself. Luckily there's this awesome website that allows you to create graphics like a pro!

The best part? It's pretty much FREE! The only time you will have to pay is if you use an image that isn't free. If you you do, bust out your wallet and give them $1. No kidding.

But seriously, there are tons of free graphics and you can even upload your own :)

For more information and to sign up for your free account click here.

If you want to see a quick tutorial of Canva in action click here.

Lead Pages

If you're attached to an email marketing provider that doesn't offer  landing pages, try LeadPages. If you are list building, it just might be your new best friend! 

At LeadPages you can easily create landing pages. What's a landing page? Landing pages are web pages that are created in order to capture the viewer's information by making them an offer. See an example here:

LeadPages allows you to create beautiful landing pages. It integrates with your email provider and automatically loads the emails and other information you collect.

The best part is they test their product and give you stats on the conversion of their templates.

For more information and to purchase LeadPages
click here.

Now for the apps...
All of these apps are available through your Shopify App Store and we find them extremely handy!


You know those pesky little pop ups on every website you browse? As annoying as they can be, they are an integral part of running an online store. Pop ups collect emails. They're built in list builders. But more than that, make the right offer and you'll increase conversions.

There are tons of different apps that can do this for you, but Justuno is our favorite!



The most Integrations. It matters. Beyond that, Justuno is incredibly flexible. Target when to show a pop-up, how many times per visit, and even specific pages.

And the best - customization! You can use your own graphics. Free to start.

For more information and to get this app for your Shopify store click here.

Bulk Discounts

This app is a LIFESAVER! Often times when you're creating discount codes, you'll want to make unique codes for a one time use. A great example of this is when you're putting a discount offer on a pop up. You don't want everyone to get the same code and risk having them use it multiple times. Fast and easy. Create thousands of unique discount codes all with the same offer, and as a one time use.  Upload them into your pop up provider or where ever else you see fit.

The best part? It's completely FREE!

For more information and to get the Bulk Discounts App for your Shopify site  click here.

Product Upsell

This little devil is well worth the investment. For most stores the app essentially pays for itself! Once your customer has items in their cart and is checking out, a box pops up on their screen. Offer them a product that's in line with the items in their cart.

At Wee Squeak we offer extra squeakers at a better price than they would pay if purchased alone. It's an impulse buy, and it works!

For more information and to purchase the app for your  Shopify store click here.

Product Reviews

This app is a no-brainer! Your customers can review (tell the world how awesome) your products are. Build trust with new customers, and.... it's FREE!

For more information and to purchase this app for your Shopify store
click here.