Inner Circle October

Hey All,

October is all about conversion. Let’s get some sales!

We’re just wrapping up the last Traffic Sprint, designed to get you over the hump, to magic 3k monthly web visitors. 

If you’ve made it, whoop! Keep going! 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Set a monthly ad budget for driving traffic with ads
  • Include your web visitor audience and lookalike web visitor audience in your campaigns.
  • Continue to test cold audiences
  • Post every day on Facebook – once a day with a link to your site and several times a week for engagement.
  • Invite people who engage with your posts to “like” your Page.


 Our Focus at The Inner Circle this Fall is Traffic and Conversion.

We want you all to get the very best results – so be prepared to dig in and get to work. 

Don’t forget: 

You have daily access to us, here in the Inner Circle Group.

If you’re stuck, Ask. We’re here to help! 
We have a fabulous month lined up. Take a look! 
Here goes: 

Monday October 2nd 

Traffic Sprint #3 Masterclass  (recorded) 

This is our last Traffic Sprint.

We’ll Sprint to the finish line and discuss next steps. 

Recorded, posted in the group, + in the classroom, Level 3



Monday October 9th, @ 10 am edt 

Member’s Meet Up + Planning Session 
(replaces Member’s Roundtable this month) 

Join us for your private tour of the Inner Circle. 
Meet up with other Members  for a Live Event planning Session

Registration required.

This session will not be recorded



Monday October 23rd (recorded) 

Dan’s Conversion Case Study Part 2 

Let’s catch up with Dan!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

What happened when Dan made changes

How to analyze your tracked results

How to identify your best opportunity to grow your sales


Recording in the Classroom, Level 1



October 24th at 1:00 am edt 

Walk in Clinic Q+A Tuesday, Live with Meghan and Susan 

Bring your burning questions to this live open Q+A

If you can’t make the call, post your questions, using hashtag #walkinclinic

and we’ll answer them live. 

Recording will be in the Group



Don’t forget – we’re here to help. 

Simply tag us in the Group, and get the answers you need. 

Our entire team is in the Group and ready to help. 

Susan Bradley – marketing and strategy 

Meghan Hickey – Shopify and tech 

Sarah Thigpen – Instagram and Brand Reps 

Brad Wright – Profit and Accounting 

Mary Protich Dell – Facebook Community 

Brooke Bacher – Customer Service and Policies 

Talk Soon,

Susan & Meghan


* For links to register check your email or the post in The Inner Circle FB group! Still can’t find them? Send us an email or tag us in the group

** Not a member of the Inner Circle? Don’t want to miss out on this month’s great content?
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4 thoughts on “Inner Circle October

  1. Barbara Edelman Reply

    I cannot figure out how to send an Instagram image to myself from one of my follower’s accounts. I want to use her image on my account – but don’t know how.

    • Meghan Hickey Reply

      Hi, Barbara, this answer is from Sarah Thigpen our IG expert 🙂

      To share an image from someone else’s account you can either take a screenshot of it on your phone, and then share it from your phone pictures as you normally would, or use a repost app. If you want to use a repost app you would first download the app (there is one called “repost” that I like using), then open IG and go to the picture you want to repost, tap the 3 little dots above the picture (in the top right corner), and tap “copy share URL.” Now go back and open up the repost app, and it will have automatically brought the image over to the repost app. Tap on the image that you wanted to share and tap “repost.” It will then let you choose to “copy to Instagram.” This allows the repost app to open IG for you. From there it’s exactly the same as posting the way you normally would. Let me know if you need any further help with this!

  2. Nadine Taylor Reply

    I am trying to find Part 1 of the conversion case study. Is it here or in the Facebook group?

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