Have you ever had an Ad that had great social proof? Meaning, it was getting lots of comments, likes, shares, and clicks from users. Social proof is a great way to gain credibility and trust and is usually very high for winning Ads. For example, an Ad with thousands of likes and comments is more likely to draw someone’s attention than an Ad with minimal engagement. But have you ever wanted to tweak the copy text on the Ad and noticed that the edit button is greyed out and uneditable? Facebook has a rule that will not allow the text copy to be changed on a post that has ads running against them – whether they’re active or not active. So how are people able to change up the text on an Ad and keep the post’s credibility without losing momentum and having to create a brand new ad? The trick is to temporarily point those ads to another post! Watch this quick and easy trick you can use so you can edit your Ad copy without losing the social proof.    

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