How to use Instagram to

Build a Brand Rep Program

That actually makes you money, and won’t suck the life out of you!


Set up a genius lead generation system and sales funnel

 And You’ll

 learn how to make your marketing messages go viral 

So That

 You stop tearing out your hair while you try one more trick to get sales

 And the Bonus is

 Your IG account will grow AND you’ll NEVER be short of images again 

Did you know that 92% of people say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations over ads? 

Why are you missing out on this powerful sales engine? 

Maybe you’re new, (like just started last month) and 

you have no idea of where to begin finding people to buy your stuff 


Maybe you’re not that new, but you’re frustrated, 

struggling and just plain sick and tired of flip-flopping between tactics 


 Maybe you’ve been selling for years on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay, 

(aka building your house on someone else’s land) and it’s time for you to up level

 and get your own castle – but you need a way to get traffic.


Just maybe, you’re tired of paying and paying and paying for traffic. 

You’re sick and tired of trying to figure out the FB algorithm,

 and you’re ready to try a different strategy. 

Wherever you are in business, 

you simply can’t afford to miss out

 And here’s why: 

In February 2014 in the US, Instagram had 40 million mobile users.

 By 2019, the total number of Instagram users in the United States is expected to double the 2014 figure. It’s growing, young people love it, and it’s an opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience

Why you should Start a Brand Rep Program Now?

Your products will be someone’s special something, and they’ll be your 

Biggest Fans  

Even if they can’t wear your products:

Did you know there are Brand Reps for Home Décor, Sports Equipment, Fragrance, Pet Products, Art, Personal Care Products, Craft Supplies, Food, and Cosmetics? Even if your products are expensive: There are many ways to work with Brand Reps and Enthusiasts. You don’t have to give away your high end products. 

Even if your Instagram account is teeny tiny: 

You’re preaching to the choir. Our Instagram account had 167 followers when we started. Heck, it’s still small, yet every month, 200,000 + highly targeted prospects see our marketing materials. 

Even if you’re short on cash: 

It costs almost nothing to start a killer Brand Rep Program. Brand Reps work WITH you, not FOR you. They share your products and marketing messages with their followers. They love what they do. It’s fun, and they appreciate the opportunity to get free or discounted products. 

Even if you have no time: 

You decide how small or big your program is. Start with a couple of 15 minute sessions each day. That should do it. And the good news? Instagram is chock - full of raving fans that would happily manage your program if it grows fast. 

We know what You’re Thinking

How do we know? 

We’re like you, only a little further along, remember? 

  • You’re already stressing. “I’m not that good at Instagram”. “I’ll mess it up and fall down a bottomless rabbit hole of tech nightmares”. 

  • “It can’t be that simple”. “I probably need to buy more software that I don’t know how to use”. “I’m going to be behind before I start”. 

  • “Actually, I gave some product to a Blogger”. “It won’t work for me”. “I sent out a bunch of product and pretty much nothing happened”. 

  • “I just don’t have time for anything”. “I can’t spend hours watching videos”. “How long will this take?

  •  “Omg” “A lead generation system, and a sales funnel”. “Sounds complicated”. “I probably can’t figure that out”. “I’ll get stuck and that’s it”. “Game over”. 

It just doesn’t have to be so complicated 

We’re here to tell you that really, it’s not you. 

It’s the Online Guru Hustlers that have got you thinking that they all know some deep dark secret that you just don’t and never will. 

In fact, we’re not sure we even speak the same language. 

Sarah | The Social Sales Girls

Who Are We?

We’re the Social Sales Girls, Susan and Meghan. 

We’re not Gurus, Experts, or Coaches. (but we sell a LOT of shoes, and our clients agree that our numbers trump the Online Guru Hustle) 

We’re the team behind Wee Squeak, North America’s favorite toddler shoes that squeak. Yes, some people love shoes that squeak for their littles, and we’re here to scratch that itch.

 A few years back, we said goodbye to almost $1million in wholesale accounts so that we could focus exclusively on selling our shoes online. 


 It sounds like we’re crazy.  

 And why should you trust us to teach you?

We’re not Experts, we’re Merchants just like you. We’re not interested in complicated technical tactics that require so much tweaking, scaling, and fine tuning that you find yourself bringing your laptop into the bathroom with you. 

And here’s the thing. We’re not interested in doing any of this for Followers or Likes. We’re in it for the Sales + Profit. Why are we telling you this?

 Because. We have been where you are. 

More than Mildly Frustrated 

You bet we were. Nobody said it would be this hard. We found lots of Experts who would take our money to tell us what we should be doing. Who to trust? Problem was that we could never find evidence of them ever doing it themselves. No thanks. 

Without a Clue 

(and shockingly, surprised about that) We studied up and thought that we knew how to find customers. No dice. Found ourselves sweating hard, bleeding cash, and digging deep for ideas.

All In 

Our money spent. Fully invested and shaking in our boots. Waiting and hoping for the sales to start rolling in so we could break out the champagne and confirm that we weren’t complete idiots. 

And Scared as Hell 

Worried about failure. We didn’t want to be known as the Geniuses that closed hundreds of wholesale accounts and THEN closed the doors. 

Despite this

 We figured it out Without a Team, without Experts.

Without spending a fortune on Facebook ads. 

We trusted our gut, and invested in ourselves so that we could learn and understand how this ecommerce game works. 

We’ve built a tribe of hyper engaged Fans that love what we do, and buy what we sell. We don’t worry about Algorithms or SEO. We own our website, email list, and sales funnels. 

In the past 20 months we’ve:

1) Grown our Facebook following from 3,000 to 65,000 

2) Grown an email list of more than 40,000 prospects and customers 

3) Built a “viral marketing” team that promotes our brand 

4) Launched and sold out 10 new products 

5) Increased our direct to consumer sales by more than 50% 

6) Become highly profitable. Last year our NET margin was 20%

We’ve come a long way. And we’re not done yet.

And that’s why we think we’re qualified to teach you. 

We’re in the trenches every day, testing, succeeding, and failing.

 And we’ll tell you about all of it. 

 Where will you be when you tag along with us to

 Build a (Money Making) Team of Brand Reps 

You’ll be: The owner of an email list full of customers and leads 

You’ll be: Bringing in more new high quality leads every day 

You’ll be: The proud owner of a sales funnel that really works, grinding out sales like a Golden Goose. 

You’ll be: The marketing genius behind a network of hyper engaged fans that will share your products and messages with their Followers. 

You’ll be: The Social Media Whiz who will NEVER AGAIN be scrounging for quality lifestyle images. Your treasure chest of images and video are yours to use for ads and posts, on Facebook, Instgram, Pinterest, Email, and even Print.

You’ll be: A lot less stressed about what you’re doing, where you’re headed, and where your next sale is coming from. 

Sound Good? 

Here’s what you Get

 A complete Instagram Video Tutorial 

Step by step training on everything you’ll need so that navigating IG is fast and easy. Demonstrated on an actual smartphone, so grab your phone and follow along as our IG Manager, Sarah, shows you how to get your work done painlessly. Lessons are short and segmented by action, so you can find them fast when you need to refer back! 

A lesson on Strategy and Goal Setting 

We’re sharing the little known secret behind getting the results you want. We’ll show you how to set goals, and then put a plan together to make them a reality. Pure gold, as you will use this strategy to get results in all areas of your Business. 

A Strategy and Action Guide

 Need it all laid out? Step by step? Our downloadable guide will walk you through the process so you don’t miss a thing. 

Our Complete library of Instagram Scripts

If you have ever almost lost your mind while you stare a blank Blog post, Email, Facebook post or (insert your worst nightmare). You’ll understand the value of simply taking what’s working and making it your own. You get a complete Library of our scripts that we use on IG before, during, and after our search. You’ll get to see our rules and requirements for entering our searches. (there is a trick to it) How we ”onboard” our Reps to ensure that they understand what we expect, that we have the rights to the photos, and what we will be giving them in return. And, of course, you’ll see how we send them our viral marketing materials so they can send them soaring. 

Our Email Funnel 

Mystery solved. You’ll finally find out what a sales funnel is and how to make one, because we’re just flat out giving you ours. You’ll save days of agonizing over this one. What’s more, you’ll see every email piece we send, when we send it, and even learn the strategy behind the message in each one. This is the same funnel that converts for us at 21%. A solid sales funnel is a game changer and you will love us forever once it gets rolling. 

All the tools we use 

No guessing and scouring the web. Get our list and be done with it. Links to video trainings because we think shortcuts are a good thing. 

Instagram Ad Tutorial Bonus

 You don’t need to run ads on IG to run a search or a program. But if you do, or you might, chances are you are doing it the wrong way and wasting precious dollars. We’ll show you how to run ads on IG the right way – step by step, so you get solid ROI on your time + money. 

You get us 

Susan, Sarah, and Cheri 

We’re here, and were doing it too. Trying to make it better and more profitable every day. If you have questions, we respond personally. You also have access to us by email. We won’t leave you behind. 


You might be wondering what it costs

The complete program is available to you for only $297

 Since it’s a teeny tiny fraction of what it cost to build our program, we think it’s a steal. But really, who cares what we think, It’s your call. 

Is building a viral marketing team, and a cash churning

 sales funnel worth $297 to you? 

And you want to know how much time this will take? 

(right? we know what you’re thinking) 

Can we just tell you how many trainings we haven’t bought because we knew we didn’t have the time to sit down and actually do them?

 That’s why our training gets straight to the point. 

We think 

You’re paying for the Results you Get, not for the Time you Spend

 And what if I buy and then think it won’t work for me?

 If you decide within 48 hours of purchase. We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

 On the slight chance you’re still wondering 

(if we’re as good as we say we are) 

That's it - now it's up to you

Are you working with us, or are you working on it alone?  

 One payment of $297

3 installments of $124 

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